June 6, 2017

Ethereum Rises to a New All-Time High, Nears $250

The ethereum spring continues as the currency makes new highs daily recently, rising to $249 from a recent low of around $150. It is dragging everything else up too, including bitcoin which has not yet made a high after its drastic $1,000 correction around 10 […]
June 5, 2017

Asia Focused Bitcoin Growth Fund Closes $14.5 Million through ICO

The Bitcoin Growth Fund focused on cryptocurrency projects in Asia has successfully raised about $14.5 million through an ICO. Read more… Asia has emerged as the new powerhouse for cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology. The exponential growth in demand and community members in the […]
June 5, 2017

Opinion: Are Bitcoiners Losing Faith?

“I have zero trust left for Jihan Wu and Bitmain. I do not believe they have the best interests of the Bitcoin community in mind. They continue to collect substantial fees from everyone, yet try to deflect blame on others who get none of those […]
June 1, 2017

Financial Analyst: Loss Aversion Will End The Relentless Bitcoin Rally

In the past few months, bitcoin had experienced a major rally. As for an example, within the period of one week, the cryptocurrency’s price went from $1,700 to $2,700. However, a large trend move like this results in a bigger correction as normal, therefore, the […]
June 1, 2017

A Facebook Investor is Calling for Regulated ICO Investment Products

An asset manager with stakes in Facebook, Google and Tesla is looking to diversify its portfolio into the cutting edge of investment, but a barrier of regulatory hurdles exists between the idea and its execution. Two years ago, New York-based ARK Invest became the first firm of its kind […]
May 30, 2017

Ukraine To Collect Personal Income Tax On Cryptocurrency

The Financial Committee of the Ukrainian government has published a draft law that suggests changing the regulation of money transfers, including cryptocurrencies. According to a report by local news media, the draft of law No. 5361 significantly changes the approach to the questions of digital […]
May 29, 2017

Bitcoin Price Recovers and Stabilizes at $2,230 After Rollercoaster Week

On May 27, CCN reported that bitcoin price went from $2,500 to $2,700 and fell to $1,900 on the same week, as fears of investors toward a short-term bitcoin bubble intensified. Despite the $800 fall, bitcoin has recovered relatively fast, stabilizing at $2,230.   Last […]
May 29, 2017

SEC Wants Companies Issuing Tokens to Protect Their Investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission has not said much about crypto companies issuing new tokens, usually called “ICO’s”, Initial Coin Offerings. The issue has remained silent. Now SEC provided a statement on May 23, saying they want ICO’s to be fair. They want cryptocurrency startups to […]
May 26, 2017

Bitcoin’s Price Hits ATH of $2760, Drops Over $400 Right After

Day after day Bitcoin keeps breaking new all time highs. Today, after hitting another all time high of $2760, Bitcoin’s price dropped over 10% right after as investors took profits. Keep in mind, that while the most recent $400 price drop may seem harsh, the […]
May 26, 2017

Australian Mainstream Media Discuss Possibility of Bitcoin Replacing US Dollar

Earlier this week, ABC News, a national news service in Australia produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), presented the possibility of Bitcoin replacing the US dollar to become the world’s most dominant currency. Over the past week, the price of bitcoin increased from around […]
May 25, 2017

Cryptocurrency Market Cap History: Ethereum Surpasses US$20bn, Bitcoin Goes Over US$40bn

It appears some important market cap milestones are being hit as of right now. Bitcoin is inching closer toward the US$40bn market cap, a target that has been in the sights for some time now. Ethereum, on the other hand, recently saw major growth, as […]
May 25, 2017

Bitcoin Price Sprints to (New) All-Time High $2,450, Market Cap > $40 Billion

Bitcoin’s rampaging run continues to find ground as average global prices break above $2,400. Bitcoin price is up nearly 7% on the day, and over a third of its value over the last seven days as the popular cryptocurrency captures the world’s attention. Plenty of […]